How to verify Paypal using Security Bank Debit Card

     I just realize I need my Paypal account verified again, since my old Smartmoney Card can no longer be used after my phone got stolen and Smart can't give me a replacement sim with a the same number. I'm not comfortable using my RCBC Instacard aside from the fact that I want to try other options as well.

BPI Express Start Secured Credit Card

Secured Credit Card in the Philippines

What is Secured Credit Card? 
   A secured credit card requires cash collateral deposit that becomes the credit line. Here are some of the Banks in the Philippines that offers Secured Credit Card with their cash minimum cash deposit and requirements:

Bills Payment in the Philippines

Bills payment can be really stressful especially when you are in a hurry and you have to fall in a long agonizing line just to make a payment. Good thing there are other convenient ways to make our lives easier, thanks to technology.

Security Bank Secured Credit Card


The Fast Track Program* allows you to open a savings account and get a 100% approved credit card fast. A secured credit card helps you build your credit score and credit history hassle-free.