Postpaid Phone Plans; Globe vs Smart

Last Wednesday, me and my girlfriend drop by in SM Muntinlupa to withdraw her salary. I've been looking around when I got curious with the new gadget store there which if I'm not mistaken a former Globe Telecom outlet when their original store is under renovation. I got even more curious when I saw the labels under the phone displays. I didn't bother to check but one phone caught my eyes, because it says "Free for Globe Plan 499". I said wow! another marketing strategy.

The guy sales representative there won't even bother to assist us, maybe because we don't really look like we can afford to buy a phone so much for my outfit (pambahay). Anyways I did try to ask the sales rep. if how much is the required financial capacity to qualify with the said Globe Postpaid Plan. He said I only need a gross monthly income of P10,000.00. I thought to myself; Oh! I thought globe is only for Wealthy people.
I called my girl and told her about what I learned.  A beautiful lady (I think shes the manager or supervisor) came and assist us. I showed her my latest statement of account ( I don't know what came to my mind why I bother to bring that with me and not my payslips). Unfortunately I don't have my latest statement of account from my Payroll Bank Account so the manager told me in a real nice way to come back and bring my payslip for me to be able to apply for a postpaid plan.

Thanks to my aching stomach I wasn't able to come back in the store.

The same day we went to Smart Wireless Center in Festival Mall Alabang, waited for almost an hour just to inquire for their Postpaid Mobile and Broadband Plans. I was shocked when the Staff told me that I need atleast 20k monthly income before I may be able to qualify for their Postpaid Plans mobile or broadband with gadgets. "WHAT THE??" If I have that big income, why would I bother to apply for a phone when I can buy much BETTER Units than what SMART can offer.I'm so disappointed more when the staff already calling for another number when I'm not even finish to ask questions and when she obviously ignored my company ID saying I need another one. So we went to Globe Wireless Center and inquired the same informations and I got so excited when the Globe Staff even offered us an application form confirming that they will base the qualification on the plan  regardless of the Gadgets.

I decided to apply online for a Postpaid Broadband with pocket wifi and tablet. Hopefully by next week I will know if my application got approved or not. No thanks to Smart.

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  1. I received a call from Globe yesterday, they said that it is for Verification purposes. They said I will receive a call within 2-3 days for the device delivery.

    Guess what! I just received a call from Globe again a while ago informing me that my Tablet at postpaid pocket wifi will be delivered next Saturday October 12, 2013. That would be 1 week from now. WOW! I'm excited.. weird but I'm just happy I got approved. Thanks thanks GLOBE

    For those who want to apply postpaid Phone check this

    For Broadband/DSL you can try your application here