Are you also one of those who ask what will be the situation in the Philippines if tomorrow we have 6G or 6th Generation?

Well, Before everything What exactly is the 6th Generation?

6G or 6th Generation refers to the Internet Version. it is also next to 4G and 5G Which Now Exist and Are Used by Most, 6G Uses Very High Frequency radio Bands where it provides faster internet and Reduced Latency or how fast the Pocket enters.

In 2019, the Federal Communication Commission or FCC opened The Experiment for the next Generation 6G, 7G or whatever. Experiments with "Terahertz waves" or "Submillimeter waves" are also beginning.
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It can also be seen in the picture that as the Frequency increases the distance of the wave decreases, which is an indication that the transfer wave is faster but can it be harmful to health? Yes, According to Experts it can damage Physically

Is There A Country That Uses The 6th Generation?

Currently, there is no clear country that has 6th Generation Connectivity, but Japan is one of the countries that are planning to build such a system.
It is also impossible to imagine that Japan is one of the leading countries when it comes to technology.

along with Japan China is now having an Experiment regarding this system. according to a news agency in China, China had a Satellite Launching in November 2020 involving the 6th Generation. its intent is to help remote areas and for Disaster Preventing Work. via South China Morning Post

according to experts, one reason why the 6th Generation is still needed is because of the rapid Consumption and Use of Technology in All Things, As It Lasts Increases and also grows the capacity required. Map Mall, Foodcourt, Parks, House, Churches and more are also one of the reasons why we need to ‘step-up in Technology.

How much is the ideal speed of 6G or 6th Generation?
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If Seen in the Possibly the speed of the 6th Generation it reaches almost 1000x faster than approx. of the 5th Generation.
[OPINION] If this happens in the Philippines, the country will have a more accelerated system when it comes to Connectivity. As the country passes through disasters, it will be easier for rescuers to respond, it will also improve education, more organized transportation and so on. if you add it up, the outcome will be really good if tomorrow there will be a 6th Generation in the country.

But in the geography of the Philippines, it may take another decade before such an aspiration is launched. but we can use space in this program. The Question Are We Ready?
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