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In 2013, The BlackBerry Phone Began to hit the World Reaching Nearly 85-90Million Its Product Users. The Blackberry Is Also Known For Its Unique Design With QWERTY Physical Keyboards with Touchscreen Design and Secure Communication Feature.

Did you also know that the Blackberry has its own Operating System?

Yes. The Company Has Its Own OS or Operating System, It Is Known As Blackberry OS. In 2013, Blackberry Introduced The Blackberry 10 or BB10 which was first Seen and Experienced on the Blackberry Z10 Device.
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The said Phone is worth 7,500-8,000 Philippine Peso. it also has 8MP Back Camera and 2MP Front Camera, 2GB Ram And 16GB of Storage. For full Specification - Read Here.

In March 2016. This Is The Abundance Of Android And IOS, Almost 23 Million Users Have Lost And No Longer Use Their Product Reasons To Weaken And Almost Stopped The Operation Of The Said Company.

But Now 2021, Blackberry Is Expected To Have 5G or 5th Generation Smartphone in the first half of 2021.

According to OnwardMobility, Blackberry's New Partner For Expected Smartphone (s) in 2021. "expand our [OnwardMobility's] engagement with customers interested in purchasing the new and innovative Blackberry 5G smartphones."

OnwardMobility Confirms That Their Cellphone (s) Will Still Have A QWERTY Physical Keyboard. and other Worldwide Recognition feature (s).
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