The Mobile Number Portability Act - What You Need To Know?

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On January 27, 2021. the NTC or National Telecommunications Commission announced that there would be a Launch of the Mobile Portability Act on September 30, 2021.

But What is it, and What is Mobile Number Portability or MNP for?

Mobile Number Portability is a Method to Make the Number you hold Permanent, so you are free to choose the Network Provider you want. if you are a Postpaid Subscriber and your Contract is over you can change it to Prepaid or Vice Versa.

There are two types of conversion:

Internal Porting, It's Happening Between Telecom Partners,

For example:

  • Globe Postpaid to Globe/TM Prepaid
  • Smart/TnT/Sun Prepaid to Smart/TnT/Sun Postpaid
  • Smart Postpaid to Smart/TnT Prepaid

External Porting, this in turn happens Outside the System of a Telecom,

For example:

  • Globe Prepaid to Smart Prepaid
  • Smart Prepaid to Dito Prepaid
  • Here Prepaid To Globe Prepaid

How Many Times Can I Change Network Providers?

There is no limit to changing network providers, but once you change, you will have to wait 60 days to change again.

One of the Purposes of this Campaign is to help remote areas, where they are free to choose which network provider has a signal in their area. Not only in Signal Reception but also in the Quality and Price of a Provider.

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