Smart Telecom has also recently started to have 5G and 4G Unlimited where it has given positive feedback from subscribers.

and now July 2021 Globe Telecom has also given an advertisement regarding Unlimited Internet without Capping or Limitation.

this is only for 5G Handsets and areas with 5G Signal Reception Coming From Globe Telecom.

But Before You Register For This Promo You Still Need Go+ or Go90 Up Promo To avail it.

Globe’s Unli99 Is Up To 3Days Only, Unli199 is 7 Days while Unli299 is 15 Days Unlimited.

Photo by: Manila Bulletin
According to those who have used this, it is worth it because apart from the speed, there are unlimited downloads, streams, games and more.

[OPINION] If We Compare with the Current Smart Telecom Promo Unlimited Internet is Cheaper than Them, and You don't have to register for another promo to avail.

But at the moment, it is not available and is not/yet available, according to them there is no update for the said unli Promo. There Was Only Such A Promo In June and July 7-18 2021 which lasted 12Days Duration.

EDIT: Smart Telecom Just update their Unli Promo that runs until September 12 2021
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