Globe Telecom Uses Volte in 94% of the Country - What is Volte?

According to Globe, almost 94% of the country's towns have the volte to improve and speed up their consumer's internet experience.

according to Issa Guevarra-Cabreira, The Globe’s Chief Commercial Officer “We now have 30% of our postpaid customers actively on VoLTE. And we are seeing a consistent monthly growth rate of around 8% in terms of customer adoption. We are optimistic that more customers will latch on to this new service in the coming months because it provides a great customer experience for them and once again gives them the power to choose what works best for them, ”

Currently, All Telecoms in the Philippines Are Using Volte Function For Their Customers, Smart Telecom took the lead in November 2020 followed by Dito Telecom which rolled out during the initial launch in March 2021 and now Globe Telecom July 2021.

Volte O Voice on Long Term Evolution Uses More Powerful Internet That Can Be Used For Calling. It's not like before that it's only up to 2G or 3G, where in this generation we can't imagine being lag when calling.

It will be recalled that the current President Rodrigo Duterte threatened the telecommunication companies about their poor service to the country. Cabriera added that they will take care of the remaining 6% of the people in the country when they rollout Voice on Long Term Evolution.
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