Most Laptop users can't afford to buy a Touchscreen Laptop because apart from being expensive, it also has many cons.

According to The Shared Web, The Cons or Disadvantages of using it are High Reflection, Blue Light Emission, Fast Battery Consumption and Expensive. "Portability is one of the goals of Technology Related Companies in 2021"

Recently, this kind of device that can convert your Non Touchscreen Laptop Device into Touchscreen Devices has been trending on Social Media Platforms.

Neonode Inc. One Of The Producers Of Such A Product. They Are Known For Releasing Advanced Contactless Touch, Touch, Gesture Control and in-Cabin Monitoring. This Product Is Called Airbar which can activate your Screen and make it Touchscreen Devices.

According to Air.Bar it is only available on Windows and MacBook with Dimensions of 13.3 ", 14" and 15.6 "except that it is no longer supported by said product. It was first witnessed in 2016, It has Many Requirements before use such as Vertical and Horizontal Size Area for its more Effective Use. The Said Product On Amazon Costs Approximately 3,000-5,000 PHP or 65-99.99 US Dollars.
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