PSA introduces 'PhilSys Check,' a national ID verification service

Banking institutions and other businesses can now use a QR code system to authenticate PhilSys national IDs, which the government released on Friday. 

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, thirteen banks are participating in a pilot test of the PhilSys Check QR Code, which will allow them to quickly verify the identity of registered national ID cardholders while transferring personal data onto their systems without the need for manual encoding.

"In November 2021, we piloted PQRCVS (PhilID QR Code Verification System), and we thank the 13 financial institutions who responded to our invitation for pilot testing," Assistant National Statistician Fred Sollesta remarked.

"Through pilot testing, we made adjustments to the system to better serve its purpose," he said, adding that "as more Filipinos receive their PhilIDs, we work together to make government and private services more accessible for our constituents."

As of March, 9.1 million PhilIDs had been distributed. By the end of the year, the PSA hopes to have delivered 31.3 million more IDs, according to Sollesta.

According to Assistant National Statistician Rene Mendoza, around 62 million IDs need to be processed right now. However, he stated that the target is to achieve 92 million by the end of 2022.

"That one will ideally alleviate most of our difficulties because people will no longer be reliant on physical IDs," Mendoza said. "However, we are currently reviewing downloadable credentials because there are some security concerns and data privacy concerns, which is why we have not yet published it."

"We'll discover then that with extremely few resources, there will be a resource crunch," he stated. "At dahil mas kinompress natin (and because we compressed), there will be a resource crunch."

Mendoza stated that they are working on a mobile application that will allow ID holders to retain their information. It was previously suggested that it be used while the real cards were being printed. Another option, he suggested, is to get a digital version of the ID and print it.

The PSA's partner in printing the PhilSys ID cards is the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

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