Globe AT Home's New Advanced LTE Prepaid Wifi Model

A man received Globe's newest wifi AT Home Advanced LTE Prepaid Wifi, which he allegedly purchased from the Official Globe Store, recently. The said Wifi, according to Clarence colcol, needs to be returned because it was sent to him incorrectly. He shared it on his social media accounts right away.
ZLT S12 PRO bagong labas n modem ng Globe...ang dami din ng band..hindi ko pa binuksan kasi mali ung maipadala ni globe sakin

He also stated that the modem sent to him was different for the following reasons:
sabi ng coustomer service pap bagonglabas daw ni globe kay ang order ko ay b535 pro out of stock n daw kaya yan n ung pinadala...
sabi ng coustomer service pap bagonglabas daw ni globe kay ang order ko ay b535 pro out of stock n daw kaya yan n ung pinadala..

The LTE architecture was designed to outperform mobile data rates offered by 3G technologies. The radio network controller, or RNC, oversaw the network's NodeB base stations in 3G networks. Base stations in LTE networks, on the other hand, had embedded control functionality known as eNB (evolved NodeB), which completely eliminated the need for an RNC.

Response times are much faster because the network architecture has been simplified and flattened, resulting in much higher data rates for network users.

The 4G LTE Advanced (also known as LTE-A) is exactly what it sounds like: a faster version of 4G than standard 4G. It's akin to 4.5G or a half-step between 4G and 5G, and it's something that many networks began deploying in the years leading up to the launch of 5G.

LTE-A (advanced) improved on the architecture of LTE before being superseded by LTE-A Pro, which aimed to not only improve the existing network but also prepare for the introduction of 5G in the coming years.

ZLT-S12 Pro (original) Description






LTE: B1 125(2)/3/66(4)126(5)/7/8/1 2(1 T)I2OI28/38/39/4O/


WCDMA: 1/2/4/518

GSM: 213/518

Data rates

LTE Cat 6, 300 Mbps(DL)/5O mbpslul}




Other Protocol

TR069, IPV4/IPV6, VPN(IPsec, L2TP, PPTP)


Power interface

2000mah battery (optional)




Internal antenna + 2* external antenna




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